API to check the status of the official Ragnarok Online 2 servers
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API to check the status of the official Ragnarok Online 2 servers.


iRO2-Status-API features a simple and open json api to add the Ragnarok Online 2 server status into your own projects! Some basic knowledge of json and scripting is all you need to get started.

To start using the API, do a POST request and parse the json string. The output should look like this:

[{"Status": "online", "Name": "Patch", "Address":"patch.playragnarok2.com", "Source": "Redis", "Time": "2015-09-15 16:11:18 PDT", "Port": 80, "Log": false},
{"Status": "online", "Name": "Login", "Address": "login.playragnarok2.com", "Source": "Redis", "Time": "2015-09-15 16:11:19 PDT", "Port": 7101, "Log": false},
{"Status": "online", "Name": "Odin", "Address": "", "Source": "Redis", "Time": "2015-09-15 16:11:19 PDT", "Port": 7204, "Log": false}]

Each server has its own object containing:

Key Type Value
Status string "online" or "offline".
Name string name of the server.
Address string IP/DNS address of the server.
Source string "Redis" cache or new "Socket".
Time string time of the last socket status.
Port integer port of the server.
Log boolean if a status change is logged.


You will need your own server running the iRO2-Status-API source code, freely available under the BSD 3-clause license.

git clone https://github.com/gcavallo/iRO2-Status-API.git iRO2-Status-API

Configure the api by editing the settings.py file. Enable debug for development and make sure to disable it for production!

For deployment, you will need a service to run iro2-status-api.py at boot, a redis server for caching, and an HTTP server to proxy static files.


  • python == 2.7
  • python-bottle >= 0.12
  • python-redis
  • python-pytz
  • python-gevent
  • redis-server