A plugin for ESLint that strips FlowType type annonations before linting the files.
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A plugin for ESLint that strips FlowType type annonations before linting the files.

If your code uses flow type annotations ( http://flowtype.org/ ) and you would like to lint it using ESLint currently the only option is using babel-eslint as ESLint parser instead of the default Espree.

However, Babel-Eslint currently monkey patches ESLint and I had lots of issues with upgrading to newer versions of ESlint and Babel-Eslint.

This plugins strips the type annotations before handing off the file for linting as such you are able to use the latest and greates ESLint parser: Espree on FlowType'd code.

Internally the plugin makes use of Recast for performing AST transforms and stripping the annotations together with esprima-fb parser( which is now deprecated but i couldn't get flow-parser to play nice with recast as such had to use esprima ).

The plugin also preserves the line numbers by using Recast source maps.


Enable the plugin in eslint.rc file by adding it to the plugins section:

plugins: ["flowtype"]

Know issues

Issues with max-len ESlint rule reporting the line/column number as "0:0"


Investigate the use of flow-parser for parsing the source code and stripping out any annotations. Currently the problem is that we cannot get Recast to play nice with "flow-parser". I would appreciate any help on this matter.


Many thanks to fkling ( https://github.com/fkling/flow-typestrip ) for writing up the type annotation striping logic.