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implemented ways to download holidays online for calendars, suport multi-locale and multi-language, in any combination. original source hosted at ... DEPRECATED. i'm going to write a ical2reminder /DEPRECATED
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	pscal [-hmnRrv] [-d diameter] [-eFf font] [-L language] [-c country]
      	[month [year]]

	`Pscal' is a PostScript program to print calendars.

	The PostScript code is sent to stdout, so either pipe it to
	your printer or redirect it to a file.

	The shell variables BANNER, LFOOT, CFOOT, and RFOOT become a
	top centered banner, and left, centered, or right justified
	footers respectively.  As in:

		BANNER="Schedule 1"; CFOOT=Preliminary; pscal 4 1990

	-c Country to use for holidays.
	   Use ISO two letters code.
	   only one country can be specified. pscal will try to dowload
		 an iCal calendar online and then parse it to use as the holiday file.
		 the -L option affects this option, as you can, for example, print
		 brazilian holidays using the italian language.
		 It will not overwrite any file. so every year you have to clean them.

	The file $HOME/.holiday is read and used to print short messages
	on specified days.  The .holiday file should consist of lines of
	the form
		month:day: message string
	Messages should be 20 characters or less, with no more than 6
	messages per day.  No spaces should appear from the beginning
	of a line until after the second colon.
	Month and day should be numbers in the obvious ranges.
	12/89 - The holiday checking has been loosened up in that the
	following takes place:
		1. The Shell Variable EFILE is used preferentially
		2. Then the file Events in the current directory is used
		3. Finally the $HOME/.holiday file is used.
	The whole process can be turned off by setting EFILE=/dev/null.

	Patrick Wood, Gabriel Barros
	Copyright (C) 1987 by Pipeline Associates, Inc.
	Permission is granted to modify and distribute this free of charge.

	* `Pscal' doesn't work for months before 1753.  (Weird stuff happened
	  in September, 1752.)  It also won't work right as of January 1, 9600.
	  (Bump up the epoch date if you want it to.)
	* A better format for the dates of holidays would be nice.
	* An escape to allow holiday messages to be raw PostScript would
	  also be nice.
	* The holiday messages should be handled more intelligently (i.e.,
	  the messages should be clipped to the day).
	* Some of the message translations are incomplete.
	* Encoding in the downloaded holiday calendar is UTF8, calendar output
	  is latin1

	  - a C derivative of an early version of pscal
	  - if pscal doesn't do what you want, check pcal; it has many options
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