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Documentation for

PR's appreciated

This documentation is being written using the Restructured Text(reST, .rst) format. To be hosted at with the theme sphinx_rtd.

To get started,

pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild

cd to a directory where you want to clone this project.

git clone

Add images to be used in the directory: docs/source/_static/images/

The content of the document is in: docs/source/*.rst files

To edit a section go to the appropriately named .rst file and make the changes.

To add a new section add a new .rst file to the directory docs/source/ and add the name of the file to index.rst

index.rst keeps track of all the other files and is used to build the table of contents.

Make changes to to change the configuration with which the html or pdf are to be built.

To buld the html or pdf from the source files:

cd to the directory docs/

It should contain: source/ , Makefile, make.bat

make html
make latexpdf

pdf will be built only if you already have texlive installed natively on your system.

The build files can be found at

docs/build/html for html

docs/buld/latex for pdf

To view the html as if it is hosted, cd into docs/build/html and do

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

A quick intro/cheat-sheet for reST:

A bit more elaborate and also has sphinx specific syntax:

Another sphinx reference:

reST Syntax Reminders:

.gitignore ignores the build directory.

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