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Install a komodo assetchain block explorer
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Install a Block Explorer for a Komodo Asset Chain

This repository simply modifies @Decker's script from to work for a single Asset Chain


Setup Assetchain

Either create a new asset chain or launch an existing one using its launch parameters. Then shutdown the daemon using the stop command.


./komodo-cli -ac_name=ASSETCHAINNAME stop

The above step creates the '.conf' file for the assetchain at $HOME/.komodo/ASSETCHAINNAME/ASSETCHAINNAME.conf which will be modified and made use of by the explorer installation script.

Explorer installation

Clone this repository in your home directory and navigate into it

cd ~
git clone
cd komodo-install-explorer

Run the script: This script installs dependencies and prepares the directory for installing the explorer


It should create a subdirectory named node_modules

Now run the script: with the assetchain's name as the argument


This will create a new sub directory named ASSETCHAINNAME-explorer and a script named It also adds data to a file called ASSETCHAINNAME-webaccess with the assetchain's name and the url to access the explorer from anywhere else.

Start the assetchain with its launch parameters and execute the script when you want to start the explorer

Note: Use the noweb option like so: ./ ASSETCHAINNAME noweb to stop the script from prompting you to open the port for accessing the explorer through the internet; i.e., explorer will only be accessible on the local system

Note: When launching the assetchain for the first time after installing the explorer, add the -reindex parameter to its launch parameters.

Adding another assetchain's explorer and running it at the same time

You can use the ./ ASSETCHAINNAME command to create explorers for as many asset chains as you want, just by changing the ASSETCHAINNAME

You can also run them one at a time or all together at the same time depending on your needs.

The only problem is when the ports of two different assetchains conflict with each other.

In that case, if you wish to run them at the same time, modify the script to have fixed port values that are all distinct and different from the other asstchain's ports. Lets say the assetchain's name is ASSETCHAINNAME1, then delete the sub directory named ASSETCHAINNAME1-explorer and the script named and run the modified with its name again: ASSETCHAINNAME1
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