A large-scale entity and relation database supporting aggregation of properties
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Gaffer is built for very large graphs.

It's designed to be as flexible, scalable and extensible as possible, allowing for rapid prototyping and transition to production systems.

Gaffer does

  • rapid query across very large numbers of entities and relationships,
  • versatile query-time summarisation, filtering and transformation of data,
  • in-database aggregation of rich statistical properties describing entities and relationships,
  • scalable ingest at very high data rates and volumes,
  • automated, rule-based data purge,
  • fine grained data access and query execution controls.

Gaffer is built on Hadoop and Accumulo and is integrated with Spark for fast and flexible data analysis.

To get going with Gaffer, visit our getting started pages.

Gaffer is still under active development and isn't a finished product yet. There are still plenty of new features to be added and additional documentation to write. Please contribute.

Getting Started

Try it out

We have a simple demo available to try that is based around a small uk road use dataset. Download the precompiled demo files from the last release here or build and run it from source code here.

There are more in depth examples of using the Java API on our wiki: Getting Started.

Building and Deploying

To build Gaffer run mvn clean install -Pquick in the top-level directory. This will build all of Gaffer's core libraries, the Accumulo store and some examples of how to load and query data and write other stores.

The Accumulo store needs to run on a Hadoop cluster with Accumulo installed. Instructions for installing Gaffer on Accumulo can be found on the wiki.

Inclusion in other projects

Gaffer is hosted on Maven Central and can easily be incorporated into your own projects.

To use Gaffer the only required dependencies are the Gaffer graph module and a store module which corresponds to the data storage framework to utilise (currently limited to Apache Accumulo):


This will include all other mandatory dependencies. Other (optional) components can be added to your project as required.


Our Javadoc can be found here.

We have some user guides on our wiki.