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@gcla gcla released this
· 490 commits to master since this release
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8741f3f A function to check if a tshark binary supports colorized packets.
89b66fa Add Dragos to the contributors for timestamp format suggestion.
e73f859 Add a FAQ entry on running as a non-root user.
6bb574e Add a menu option to toggle packet colors.
d299bf4 Allow the scrollbar to hide if the data fits in the space available.
ff449d1 At startup, determine if tshark supports colorized packets.
c9f3fa4 Bug fix - avoid a double-closed channel.
412a94d Bug fix - resolve a deadlock(!) in the event handling.
adab295 Clean up some long lists of function arguments with a local interface.
0c9d34d Document config file settings related to colorized packets.
73dfd1f Dot release - v2.0.3.
0d64c6a Explain the limitation of Snap and network interfaces.
89fd333 Expose tshark's -t/timestamp format switch for use in termshark.
dbc4187 Extend the PSML table row model to colorize packets if possible.
9e67f1d Extend the pcap loader to extract color information.
c39f55a Fix windows build break.
abda2a4 Hide --tail argument altogether for Unix builds.
3a9c078 If termshark won't run, point the user to a termshark FAQ.
bb4213a Make clear builds from source are ahead of 2.0.2 now.
3d67627 Merge pull request #77 from dawidd6/tail
72c0588 Minor updates to the user guide.
dcf7cf0 Now I understand how I should've versioned my go module.
6181f94 Only show scrollbar if necessary in these views.
d913aa2 Point users at v2.0.1 because of my bad tag :-(
aec20c0 Provide a more useful message to the user if dumpcap can't read from an interface.
b80def4 Rearrange the loader logging statements.
c5d36ad Stop the stream reassembly process fully if user hits q.
54af405 Switch from go get to go install
8e1c834 Thanks for checking homebrew :-)
28b1836 Update CHANGELOG for v2.0.3 and add document mistakes that led to .1,.2
e1630e7 Update termux widget instructions to explain shortcuts directory.
a6a005c Update the Changelog with colorized packets, -t and deadlock fix.
6bfdd52 Use gcla/tail on Windows and tail command on unix
7d49701 Use latest version of gowid for color mapping bug fixes.
719d84e Use proper markdown for numbered lists...
825b7f5 Using v2.0.1 doesn't work with go get