Demo application showing how to integrate Twilio with Windows 8 Apps
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The TwilioCollage project is a very basic application that demonstrates integration between Windows 8 Metro style apps and the Twilio SMS/Voice service. You can send images to a collage using text messages and an IVR system will prompt administrative resets of the collage.

To use the actual Collage tool, send a text message from your phone to your Twilio number with a URL in the text message.  For example, if you are using the sandbox and your sandbox pin is 1234-4321, send a text message:
    to: 415.599.2671
    msg: 1234-4321

You can keep adding images to the collage while it runs

If you want to reset the entire collage, send a text message to the Twilio number with the sandbox code (as necessary) and the word reset in the body.  Note, currently this will not call any user, you must be whitelisted as an administrator to trigger the reset.
    to: 415.599.2671
    msg: 1234-4321 reset 

When the reset command is triggered, you will receive a call with an IVR menu.  When prompted, press 1 on your phoneÎéÎ÷s keypad and the collage will reset.
From the client, you can also initiate the IVR reset by right-clicking to bring up the app bar and then clicking the Reset button.

Additional documentation:
Please see the pdf and Word docs for more detailed information about this project.