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sometime a tag doesn't have a href

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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
## Requirements
-* `setuptools` for the installation
+* `setuptools` for the installation (in the python
* `python-2.7`
* `BeautifulSoup` (installed by the
* `requests` (installed by the
@@ -16,21 +16,22 @@ Type:
python install
## Usage
-Do, with $username as your gaspar username and $password as your moodle password:
+Do, with $username as your gaspar username :
- moodle $username $password
+ moodle $username
This will initialise a moodle directory in the actual one. A menu will be displayed, choose which course you would like to keep up to date in this directory. Then the script will download all the specified courses.
- moodle $username $password
+ moodle $username
will update all the course kept in this directory
You can also simply download a single course with
moodle $username $password $course
With $id, the id of the course you want to scrap.
the course must be a moodle url refering to a course in the form
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ def init_moodle_directory(moodle):
print("Downloading a list of courses")
courses = list(moodle.get_courses())
print("Select the courses you want to download separated"
- "by a comma, '{}' for all.").format(SELECT_ALL)
+ "by a comma, '{}' to select all courses.").format(SELECT_ALL)
for index, course in enumerate(courses):
print(u"\t{})) {}".format(index,
valid = False
@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@ def login(self, username, password):
raise ConnexionIssue()
def __exit__(self):
+ """Close the session when the module is closed.
+ """
def get_courses(self):
@@ -71,22 +73,30 @@ def get_courses(self):
yield Ressource(course_link.string, course_link['href'])
def get_documents(self, course):
+ """Return a list of list of all the documents for a course
+ every item represent a section, and every subitem represent a
+ document in the course and in the section.
+ """
course_page = self.session.get(
soup = BeautifulSoup(course_page.text)
content = soup.find('div', {'class':'course-content'})
#Week separation
weeks = content.find('ul',recursive=False).findAll('li', recursive=False)
divisions = list()
for week in weeks:
+ #week_title = week.find({"class":"sectionname"})
week_documents = week('a')
week_doc = list()
for i in week_documents:
- if 'resource' in i['href']:
+ #yes `a` tag without href exist
+ if i.get('href') and 'resource' in i.get('href'):
week_doc.append(Ressource(i.text, i['href']))
return divisions
def fetch_document(self, document, directory=""):
+ """Download document `document`
+ """
content_page = self.session.get(
if content_page.url !=
#we have a redirection
12 out
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@

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