Arduino driver for nRF24L01
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Arduino driver for nRF24L01(+) 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver

Design Goals: This library is designed to be...

  • Maximally compliant with the intended operation of the chip

  • Easy for beginners to use

  • Consumed with a public interface that's similiar to other Arduino standard libraries

  • Built against the standard SPI library.

  • Modifications to the RF24 library in this fork is backward compatible. A single enhancement which may cause issue, is code which relies on the driver to power down the radio, as a side effect. The radio is no longer powered down after each transmit. Rather, the application must take responsibility for power management. Normally this is achieved by use of powerDown and powerUp. If you wish to maximize power efficiency, you must call powerDown after transmit (write, startWrite).

Please refer to:

This chip uses the SPI bus, plus two chip control pins. Remember that pin 10 must still remain an output, or the SPI hardware will go into 'slave' mode. This is because the 'SS', or slave select, pin on the arduino controls if the arduino is the slave. For RF24 use, the arduino is the master and the RF24 is the slave.