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A lightweight & efficient EventManager for JS in WP.
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A lightweight & efficient EventManager for JS in WP.


See ticket #21170 for more information. We also did a general overview of the project at WordSesh that you can find here.


WP-JS-Hooks does not require any third-party applications or software. The library is completely self-maintained. However, the repository itself uses Grunt to perform tasks such as JSHint, Uglify, and QUnit. For more information on how to install Grunt, please visit

API Usage

API functions can be called via the global wp.hooks like this wp.hooks.addAction(), etc.

  • addAction( 'namespace.identifier', callback, priority )
  • addFilter( 'namespace.identifier', callback, priority )
  • removeAction( 'namespace.identifier' )
  • removeFilter( 'namespace.identifier' )
  • doAction( 'namespace.identifier', arg1, arg2, moreArgs, finalArg )
  • applyFilters( 'namespace.identifier', content )


  • Fast and lightweight, only 1.3kb
  • Priorities system ensures hooks with lower integer priority are fired first.
  • Uses native object hash lookup for finding hook callbacks.
  • Utilizes insertion sort for keeping priorities correct. Best Case: O(n), worst case: O(n^2)


  • 4/24/13
    • Reduced repository size by removing an old node_modules folder from repo history.
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