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gcovr Release History and Change Log

4.1 (2 July 2018)

  • Fixed/improved --exclude-directories option. (:issue:`266`)
  • New "Cookbook" section in the documentation. (:issue:`265`)

4.0 (17 June 2018)

Breaking changes:

  • This release drops support for Python 2.6. (:issue:`250`)
  • PIP is the only supported installation method.
  • No longer encoding-agnostic under Python 2.7. If your source files do not use the system encoding (probably UTF-8), you will have to specify a --source-encoding. (:issue:`148`, :issue:`156`, :issue:`256`)
  • Filters now use forward slashes as path separators, even on Windows. (:issue:`191`, :issue:`257`)
  • Filters are no longer normalized into pseudo-paths. This could change the interpretation of filters in some edge cases.

Improvements and new features:

Internal changes:

3.4 (12 February 2018)

3.3 (6 August 2016)

  • Added CI testing using TravisCI
  • Added more tests for out of source builds and other nested builds
  • Avoid common file prefixes in HTML output (:issue:`103`)
  • Added the --execlude-directories argument to exclude directories from the search for symlinks (:issue:`87`)
  • Added branches taken/not taken to HTML (:issue:`75`)
  • Use --object-directory to scan for gcov data files (:issue:`72`)
  • Improved logic for nested makefiles (:issue:`135`)
  • Fixed unexpected semantics with --root argument (:issue:`108`)
  • More careful checks for covered lines (:issue:`109`)

3.2 (5 July 2014)

  • Adding a test for out of source builds
  • Using the starting directory when processing gcov filenames. (:issue:`42`)
  • Making relative paths the default in html output.
  • Simplify html bar with coverage is zero.
  • Add option for using existing gcov files (:issue:`35`)
  • Fixing --root argument processing (:issue:`27`)
  • Adding logic to cover branches that are ignored (:issue:`28`)

3.1 (6 December 2013)

  • Change to make the -r/--root options define the root directory for source files.
  • Fix to apply the -p option when the --html option is used.
  • Adding new option, '--exclude-unreachable-branches' that will exclude branches in certain lines from coverage report.
  • Simplifying and standardizing the processing of linked files.
  • Adding tests for deeply nested code, and symbolic links.
  • Add support for multiple —filter options in same manner as —exclude option.

3.0 (10 August 2013)

  • Adding the '--gcov-executable' option to specify the name/location of the gcov executable. The command line option overrides the environment variable, which overrides the default 'gcov'.
  • Adding an empty "<methods/>" block to <classes/> in the XML output: this makes out XML complient with the Cobertura DTD. (#3951)
  • Allow the GCOV environment variable to override the default 'gcov' executable. The default is to search the PATH for 'gcov' if the GCOV environment variable is not set. (#3950)
  • Adding support for LCOV-style flags for excluding certain lines from coverage analysis. (#3942)
  • Setup additional logic to test with Python 2.5.
  • Added the --html and --html-details options to generate HTML.
  • Sort output for XML to facilitate baseline tests.
  • Added error when the --object-directory option specifies a bad directory.
  • Added more flexible XML testing, which can ignore XML elements that frequently change (e.g. timestamps).
  • Added the '—xml-pretty' option, which is used to generate pretty XML output for the user manual.
  • Many documentation updates

2.4 (13 April 2012)

  • New approach to walking the directory tree that is more robust to symbolic links (#3908)
  • Normalize all reported path names
    • Normalize using the full absolute path (#3921)
    • Attempt to resolve files referenced through symlinks to a common project-relative path
  • Process gcno files when there is no corresponding gcda file to provide coverage information for unexecuted modules (#3887)
  • Windows compatibility fixes
    • Fix for how we parse source: file names (#3913)
    • Better handling od EOL indicators (#3920)
  • Fix so that gcovr cleans up all .gcov files, even those filtered by command line arguments
  • Added compatibility with GCC 4.8 (#3918)
  • Added a check to warn users who specify an empty --root option (see #3917)
  • Force gcov to run with en_US localization, so the gcovr parser runs correctly on systems with non-English locales (#3898, #3902).
  • Segregate warning/error information onto the stderr stream (#3924)
  • Miscellaneous (Python 3.x) portability fixes
  • Added the master svn revision number as part of the verson identifier

2.3.1 (6 January 2012)

  • Adding support for Python 3.x

2.3 (11 December 2011)

  • Adding the --gcov-filter and --gcov-exclude options.

2.2 (10 December 2011)

  • Added a test driver for gcovr.
  • Improved estimation of the <sources> element when using gcovr with filters.
  • Added revision and date keywords to gcovr so it is easier to identify what version of the script users are using (especially when they are running a snapshot from trunk).
  • Addressed special case mentioned in [comment🎫3884:1]: do not truncate the reported file name if the filter does not start matching at the beginning of the string.
  • Overhaul of the --root / --filter logic. This should resolve the issue raised in #3884, along with the more general filter issue raised in [comment🎫3884:1]
  • Overhaul of gcovr's logic for determining gcc/g++'s original working directory. This resolves issues introduced in the original implementation of --object-directory (#3872, #3883).
  • Bugfix: gcovr was only including a <sources> element in the XML report if the user specified -r (#3869)
  • Adding timestamp and version attributes to the gcovr XML report (see #3877). It looks like the standard Cobertura output reports number of seconds since the epoch for the timestamp and a doted decimal version string. Now, gcovr reports seconds since the epoch and "gcovr ``"+``__version__ (e.g. "gcovr 2.2") to differentiate it from a pure Cobertura report.

2.1 (26 November 2010)

  • Added the --object-directory option, which allows for a flexible specification of the directory that contains the objects generated by gcov.

  • Adding fix to compare the absolute path of a filename to an exclusion pattern.

  • Adding error checking when no coverage results are found. The line and branch counts can be zero.

  • Adding logic to process the -o/--output option (#3870).

  • Adding patch to scan for lines that look like:

    creating `foo'

    as well as

    creating 'foo'
  • Changing the semantics for EOL to be portable for MS Windows.

  • Add attributes to xml format so that it could be used by hudson/bamboo with cobertura plug-in.

2.0 (22 August 2010)

  • Initial release as a separate package. Earlier versions of gcovr were managed within the 'fast' Python package.