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Stacked will be an experimental platform game once I get around to completing it. It’ll be a lot like your average Metroid’ or Vectorman, but the thing that’ll set it out will be the ability to combine two or more powerups.

For a list of every source file, see the file called @@manifest@@.

Here’s the list of powerup combos I have so far. Feel free to comment.

Combinations     Effect
Nothing     boring ol’ “Pew Pew Pew” pistol
Water     Just a water cannon, bullets affected by gravity.
Fire     Light flamethrower
Fire Water   Napalm. Perhaps makes the ground all hot and sticks to the floor for a while.
Ice     Ice gun. Freezes opponents for fraction of a second. Low rate of fire, of course.
Ice Water   Better water gun; makes the floor slippery.
Ice Fire   rocket-propelled ice?
Ice Fire Water thermite that freezes the player while doing damage p’raps?
Zapper     Stronger “Pew Pew” pistol
Zapper Water   Bullets explode on contact, does splash damage (like water splashes that hurt)
Zapper Fire   Light railgun
Zapper Fire Water Fireworks – single charged projectile, does lots of splash damage
Zapper Ice   High yield explosive (low damage)- throws your opponents far away
Zapper Ice Water Giant fridge falls out of the sky and crushes opponents.
Zapper Ice Fire Projectile smashes against the wall and shatters, but the fragments shock everything they touch! (Thanks, Amanda!)
Earth     Throws rocks, affected by gravity, rocks bounce once.
Earth Water   Mud gun. Slows down opponents. Good for teamwork.
Earth Fire   A plant or something on fire. Bullet rolls on the ground for a bit and burns anything it touches.
Earth Fire Water Poison? Saps enemies’ health for a spell?
Earth Ice   Makes icicles that sprout from the ground and form spikes
Earth Ice Water Starts out as a water gun, but the projectiles slow down and turn into deadly spikes that hang in the air
Earth Ice Fire ???
Earth Zapper   Summon swarm of lightning bugs
Earth Zapper Water ???
Earth Zapper Fire FIRE DRILL! No seriously. A drill made out of fire. Meelee.
Earth Zapper Ice Blizard gun. Snow fills the screen, blows opponnents arround.