Backup your SVN (uberSVN, Jenkins repos) to a remote server
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SVN Backup Script -

Backup utility script to perform daily backups of:

SVN (via HotCopy, then compress) UberSVN Jenkins

  • Hotcopy or backup the above to /tmp
  • Zip the contents of /tmp with datetime stamp
  • Copy the contents to backup (another) server for remote backup
  • Uses Gmail to send status (completion/error) email

Eventually, an in place Grandfather-Father-Son incremental/full backup scheme, would be ideal.

How to Use:

Update the values in to:

TEMP_DIR = r'tmp'
REPO_PATH = r'n:\svn'
REPO_NAME = r'repo_name'
DEPLOY_DIR = r'\\\backups\svn'
EMAIL_SUB = r'SVN Backup Report'
BACKUPS = 7 # of daily backups to keep, purges older versions

Run '' via a scheduler, i.e., cron.


  • Separate svnbackup configuration
  • Checksum verification
  • Transfer/resume for remote backups. I.e., rsync.
  • GUI/web interface