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Internship status of companies - COVID-19
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2020 Internship Status - COVID-19

This document will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. Contribute by making a pull request or drop us a message on Twitter at @hiring2020

You can also join our group on Facebook for discussions or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Disclaimer - This list is crowdsourced. Hence, it's possible some of the information here is not accurate. If you come across something that's incorrect, please bring it to our attention and we'll correct it.

COVID-19 Summer 2020 Internship Status List

Company Status Notes
Ad Council
Alaska Airlines
Alexander Group
American Airlines Contradictory reports. Needs confirmation.
Anaplan MBA internship rescinded. Need confirmation on this.
Applied Medical
Best Buy
Big Spaceship
Blackbaud Open full time offers are also cancelled
Booz Allen Hamilton Summer Games
Boston Scientific Cancelled all internships and co-ops for all of 2020.
Bright Health
Calvin Klein
Cox Automotive Only Cox automotive and Cox Media Cancelled. Cox Communications is honoring all returning 2nd and 3rd rotations offers
Cruise Automation Rescinded all internship offers.
Custom Ink Rescinded all internships and full time offers!
Delta Airline Rescinding offers.
Discovery Inc.
Flipp Offers Rescinded
Funding Circle
Gartner Even full time offers are getting rescinded
HCA Healthcare
Hill Holliday
IDEO too
IPG MediaBrands
Kearney MBA. London - Cancelled. Chicago - Virtual.
Kin and Carta
LEK consulting Cancelled their internship program but offered interns full time 2021 offers.
Leo Burnett
L'Oréal Guaranteed internship for summer 2021. Guaranteed first round interview for full-time.
Mattel Cancelled MBA internships. Need information on others.
Mayo Clinic At least IT
M Booth
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Cancelled summer research program for interns
National Geographic
National Institutes of Health
National Security Agency
Norfolk Southern
Nordstrom Cancelled all technology internships.
Paycom Hiring freeze until at least July
PROCEPT BioRobotics
REI "After careful consideration of business needs, we decided to put a hold on this position at this time."
Rent The Runway
Schlumberger Internship and full-time offers rescinded
Secret Mission Software
Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Simon Kucher & Partners
Sonder Revoked offers
Southwest Airlines Gauging interest in fall internship. Gift card being provided as compensation.
Sumo Logic Both Summer and Fall
Sysco Cancelled all internships offers and some full time .
Team One
Tegna Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thumbtack Rescinded offers for summer internships and new grad roles.
Ticketmaster Canceled their summer internship program.
Toast Internships in Boston cancelled. Full-time offers too.
TripAdvisor Rescinded full-time offers too.
Universal McCann
Urban Outfitters (URBN)
USTA 2020 D&I
Volvo Offers got Rescinded
Workday 5k stipend being provided to interns
1Password Hiring Freeze
3M Remote for now. Option to move to in-person if conditions change by June 1
Adobe Hiring Freeze
ADP Remote if needed
Airbnb Currently planning for in-person, updates to come
Akamai Technologies Remote until further notice.
AlixPartners Deciding on in person vs virtual towards end of April
Amazon Considering remote.
Amazon Robotics Not currently anticipating any disruption to the normally scheduled internship program this summer. For now suggested that we plan on returning to Boston for the summer.
American Airlines Hiring Freeze. Only certain positions cancelled. Needs confirmation.
American Express Fully virtual. Hiring Freeze. Certain positions being cancelled.
Anyscale Actively Hiring
Apple Starting remotely for now
Ares Management Considering remote. Updates to follow.
AT&T Planning on going remote. Update on April 8th.
Atlassian Going fully remote
Audible On track to begin June 1
Autodesk In-person for now. Remote in worst case. Decision by early April.
Bank of America
Belvedere trading
Blade Currently no plans to change anything
Blend Actively Hiring
Bloomberg Won't be cancelling. Considering remote. Details in the coming weeks.
BNP Paribas Update in the coming days. No plans to cancel as of now.
Boeing Considering remote.
Capital One Remote Internships
Carvana Hiring Freeze
Cisco Fully Remote
Cisco Meraki Remote confirmed
Citadel WFH Possible
Cloudflare Internships reopened and internship class size doubled, remote work if needed
Coinbase Still planning for in-person, but could change
College Board Hiring freeze.
CommScope Honoring all offers made. Virtual if needed. Hiring freeze.
Constant Contact
Coveo Remote work, if needed
Cox Commucations Hornoring returning offers for returning interns
Cubic Hiring freeze
Databricks Remote/Virtual for all interns in US/Canada. More info to come
Dell Remote. Shortened to June/July only
Deloitte Hiring Freeze. Decision by April 15
Dolby PM role cancelled. No info about other roles.
DraftKings Will be in touch with more details
Dropbox Hiring Freeze. Update by April 17
Ebay Remote or in-person decision will by April 15
Electronic Arts Remote
Ernst & Young (EY) Considering remote
Epsilon Considering remote. Decision by mid-April.
F5 Networks Won't be cancelling. Remote or In-person decision by April 17th
Facebook Considering remote. More details to come.
Fedex Update by Mid-April
FireEye Internship program will proceed. Moving to 100% virtual.
Fidelity Investments
Gemography Remote Internship
Genentech Evaluating the possibility of virtual internships with a final decision by April 10
General Atomics Considering remote.
Giphy Hiring Freeze
GLAAD Hiring Freeze. Not planning to hire new interns until September.
Glassdoor Hiring Freeze
Goldman Sachs
Google UX Internships, EMEA IT cancelled. SWE, research and business internships are remote. Hiring Freeze, intern candidates still in pipeline for host matching or interviews will not be moved forward.
Hilton Rescinding offers for on property positions. Corporate intern program too.
HP Remote. Won't be cancelled.
HPE Remote
HubSpot Remote possible. Continuing hiring
Hulu SWE positions on-hold
Humana Cancellation unlikely. Possibly remote.
IBM Won't be cancelling. All internships will be remote.
IBM Research Hiring Freeze
IMC Trading Potentially remote.
Indeed Cancelling interviews. But offers not being rescinded.
Informatica Hiring Freeze. But offers not being rescinded. People in between in the interview process have to wait.
Intuit No plans to cancel internship or new grad positions. Remote possible.
JP Morgan Delayed by a month - new start date July 6th. Updates to follow. Pay will stay the same.
Juniper Networks Still hiring for tech roles. Planning for in-person summer internship, remote if needed
Kohl's Rescinded unaccepted offers. Waiting for information on whether the internship program is cancelled.
Lacework Not hiring any more interns
Liberty Mutual Insurance Update by April 17th.
LinkedIn Considering remote. Interviews are on hold
Los Angeles Rams Hiring Freeze
Lyft Fully virtual
Marathon Petroleum Continues to plan for their summer 2020 internships.
Mark Cuban Companies Still determining the status if it will be fully remote or not
MarketAxess Won't be cancelling. Moving remote.
Mastercard MBA internship transitioning to virtual format and duration has been shortened to 4 weeks. However, pay will remain as per the original offer i.e., 10weeks.
Microsoft Won't be cancelling. Remote or In-person decision by April 8th. UX intern hiring frozen.
Mindbody Interviews being cancelled
MITRE Remote Internship
Mozilla Remote Internship
NASA Internship cancellation decision by April 15
Nasdaq Hosting a Virtual Program instead of an on-site internship for North America.
Noblis Currently evaluating remote internships
Nokia Remote internships for all roles
Nutanix Worst case - Remote
NVIDIA Remote - fully or partially
Oakland Athletes Hiring Freeze
Okta Toronto internships will be remote
Optimizely Hiring Freeze
Optiver Won't cancel. Remote if needed.
Oracle Interviews being postponed to a later date.
Oscar Health Not planning to cancel. Remote/In-person decision by mid-April
Pagerduty Fully remote.
PayPal Remote work for all North America interns
Plaid Interviews being cancelled
PlayStation Remote in the worst case
PricewaterhouseCoopers Internship changed to two-week digital upskilling experience. $3500 lump-sum payment and full-time 2021 offer.
Qualtrics Will update in coming weeks.
Quantcast Won't cancel. Remote internship if needed
Raytheon BBN Cancellation unlikely
Reddit Remote. Needs confirmation.
RedHat Remote. Needs confirmation.
ResMed Paused hiring.
RingCentral Remote for summer
Ripcord Pending. Mid-April Decision.
Salesforce For NYC office, will not cancel, worst case remote internship. For SF, planning for an in person summer internship at this time. Updates expected at the end of next week if not earlier
Samsung Decision by mid April. They’re working with teams to get remote internship as a viable option.
Santander CIB
SC Johnson
Shiseido Hiring put on hold.
Shopify Internships will be remote until further notice
Sigma Computing Remote work
Snap Remote possible
Splunk Internship hiring put on hold. Accepted offers to be honored. Fully remote.
Sprout Social Stopped hiring.
State Farm Moving to virtual
Stripe Fully remote
Stryker Decision by mid-April. Told not to make relocation plans.
Tableau Won't be cancelled. Remote if necessary.
Talend Remote Internship
Tesla Hiring for summer, aiming for onsite, preparing for remote internships if possible
The Motley Fool Fully remote.
Tinder Interview decisions on hold. Internship decision to be made during week of April 6th
T-Mobile Monitoring situation
Twilio Preparing for remote onboarding and remote internship
Twitch Remote Internship. Hiring freeze.
Two Sigma NYC location is currently planning for in-person. Updates to come.
Uber Interviews being cancelled
Unity Software Developer positions will be remote until safe to re-enter offices.
USAA Fully remote
Vanguard Decision by Mar 27
Verily Hiring freeze
Viasat Decision by Apr 15
VMware Will be remote
Volvo Hiring freeze. Cancelling interviews. Cancelled mechanical/electrical engineering interns.
Walmart Hiring Freeze
Wayfair Decision by mid-April.
WePay Won't be cancelling
Western Digital
Wish Hiring Freeze
Xandr Considering Remote
Xilinx Remote Internship
Zebra Technology
Zillow Interviews being cancelled
Yahoo (Verizon Media)

This list is based on the initial list compiled by Alex Wallish. You can find his repo here

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