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🖼️ Basic SQL-less image gallery display
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🖼️ plonk

See it here:

Plonk is a super clean, basic, image gallery. It does just two things well:

  • Display a grid of your photos, sorted into albums
  • Allow easy download of any originals for the pictures

This is achieved with no admin interface and no database. Upload your photos to a folder on your server and you're done!

How to use

See folder albums/demo for an example of how to set up the folders

This projects requires a server running PHP7 or later (or probably earlier too).

  1. Download this project here and upload it into a folder on your server
  2. Create a folder for your album inside the albums directory.
  3. Upload your original photos into your new folder (make sure images do not have a suffix like _o or _t)
  4. Visit the new gallery will be available at the url

The first time you visit the gallery it will generate all of the thumbnails it needs. This takes a while! Subsequent loads will show the gallery :).


A small amount of page customisation is possible.

Add a file called meta.json to the album folder with some of the following options:

    "header": "Basename (without suffix) of the file to use as header image, e.g. DSC00317",
    "title": "Title of album",
    "description": "Sentence or two about the album. Web addresses are converted to links."

Advanced users

If you wish to generate the thumbnails yourself (for example, for better image compression or better sharpening on the final output), then upload your images into your album folder as follows:

_ How to generate Example
t 100 pixel max on widest side DSC03317_t.jpg
n 320 pixel max on widest side DSC03317_n.jpg
c 800 pixel max on widest side DSC03317_c.jpg
h 1600 pixel max on widest side DSC03317_h.jpg
k 2048 pixel max on widest side DSC03317_k.jpg
o Original source image DSC03317_o.jpg


  • Add full album zip download
  • Add original download link to swipebox view
  • Add size scaling icons for grid display (just 2?)
  • Turn off download original button if needed


This project is made possible thanks to these wonderful projects:

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