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Fortnite Fashionista

Welcome to the Fortnite Knowledge Graph!

We are working on some cool new features for you :D

Star this repository on GitHub and follow @GeorgeCushen to be notified of updates.


  1. Download and install Neo4j Desktop (Community Edition).
  2. Open Neo4j Desktop and create a new database
  3. Start your new database
  4. Install Pipenv: pip install -U pipenv

Quick Start

  1. Clone or download Fortnite Fashionista
  2. Open Terminal and navigate to the Fortnite Fashionista folder
  3. Add your Neo4j graph database credentials in credentials.yml
  4. pipenv install
  5. pipenv shell
  6. python

Explore, Query, and Analyse

Open Neo4j Browser from the applications panel in Neo4j Desktop.

Use Cypher to query the graph.


To view a subset of the entire graph: MATCH (n) RETURN n LIMIT 300


Please help improve this project by submitting a PR :)