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# Navigation
- id: toggle_navigation
translation: Toggle navigation
- id: table_of_contents
translation: Table of Contents
- id: on_this_page
translation: On this page
- id: back_to_top
translation: Back to top
# General
- id: related
translation: Related
- id: minute_read
translation: min read
- id: previous
translation: Previous
- id: next
translation: Next
- id: figure
translation: "Figure %d:"
# Buttons
- id: btn_preprint
translation: Preprint
- id: btn_pdf
translation: PDF
- id: btn_cite
translation: Cite
- id: btn_slides
translation: Slides
- id: btn_video
translation: Video
- id: btn_code
translation: Code
- id: btn_dataset
translation: Dataset
- id: btn_project
translation: Project
- id: btn_poster
translation: Poster
- id: btn_source
translation: Source Document
- id: btn_copy
translation: Copy
- id: btn_download
translation: Download
# About widget
- id: interests
translation: Interests
- id: education
translation: Education
- id: user_profile_latest
translation: Latest
# Accomplishments widget
- id: see_certificate
translation: See certificate
# Experience widget
- id: present
translation: Present
# Publications widget
- id: more_publications
translation: See all publications
# Posts widget
- id: continue_reading
- id: more_posts
translation: See all posts
# Talks widget
- id: more_talks
translation: See all talks
# Contact widget
- id: contact_name
translation: Name
- id: contact_email
translation: Email
- id: contact_message
translation: Message
- id: contact_send
translation: Send
- id: book_appointment
translation: Book an appointment
# Publication/Talk details
- id: abstract
translation: Abstract
- id: publication
translation: Publication
- id: publication_type
translation: Type
- id: date
translation: Date
- id: last_updated
translation: Last updated on
- id: event
translation: Event
- id: location
translation: Location
- id: pub_uncat
translation: Uncategorized
- id: pub_conf
translation: Conference paper
- id: pub_journal
translation: Journal article
- id: pub_manuscript
translation: Manuscript
- id: pub_report
translation: Report
- id: pub_book
translation: Book
- id: pub_book_section
translation: Book section
# Project details
- id: open_project_site
translation: Go to Project Site
# Default node titles
- id: posts
translation: Posts
- id: publications
translation: Publications
- id: talks
translation: Talks
- id: projects
translation: Projects
# Search
- id: search
translation: Search
- id: search_placeholder
translation: Search...
- id: search_results
translation: results found
- id: search_no_results
translation: No results found
# Error 404
- id: page_not_found
translation: Page not found
- id: 404_recommendations
translation: Perhaps you were looking for one of these?
# Cookie consent
- id: cookie_message
translation: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.
- id: cookie_dismiss
translation: Got it!
- id: cookie_learn
translation: Learn more