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feat: add a template (archetype) for adding new authors

I thought this would be useful for people who need to create many authors. Instead of copying and pasting the `admin/`, they can simply use the hugo command `hugo new authors/FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME` and have an empty but commented file ready to be filled in for each author.

Close #1445
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SamGuay authored and gcushen committed Dec 7, 2019
1 parent bba4163 commit 023a9fef27f218a03735bab68141d7712a8e5a16
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  2. BIN archetypes/authors/avatar.jpg
@@ -0,0 +1,68 @@
# Display name
name: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"

# Username (this should match the folder name and the name on publications)
- Name "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"

# Is this the primary user of the site?
superuser: false

# Role/position (e.g., Professor of Artificial Intelligence)

# Organizations/Affiliations
- name:
url: ""

# Short bio (displayed in user profile at end of posts)

# List each interest with a dash
- Interest 1
- Interest 2

- course: Title course 1
institution: Name of Institution
year: 2012
- course: Title course 1
institution: Name of Institution
year: 2012

# Social/Academic Networking
# For available icons, see:
# For an email link, use "fas" icon pack, "envelope" icon, and a link in the
# form "" or "#contact" for contact widget.
- icon: envelope
icon_pack: fas
link: '#contact' # For a direct email link, use "".
- icon: twitter
icon_pack: fab
- icon: google-scholar
icon_pack: ai
- icon: github
icon_pack: fab
# Link to a PDF of your resume/CV from the About widget.
# To enable, copy your resume/CV to `static/files/cv.pdf` and uncomment the lines below.
# - icon: cv
# icon_pack: ai
# link: files/cv.pdf

# Enter email to display Gravatar (if Gravatar enabled in Config)
email: ""

# Organizational groups that you belong to (for People widget)
# Set this to `[]` or comment out if you are not using People widget.
- Group 1
- Group 2
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