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@@ -194,6 +194,29 @@ Alternatively, inline math can be written by wrapping the formula with only a si
This is inline: $\mathbf{y} = \mathbf{X}\boldsymbol\beta + \boldsymbol\varepsilon$
Note that Markdown special characters need to be escaped with a backslash so they are treated as math rather than Markdown. For example, `*` and `_` become `\*` and `\_` respectively.
### Multiline equations
The standard LaTeX line break consisting of 2 backslashes needs to be replaced with 6 backslashes:
$$f(k;p\_0^\*) = \begin{cases} p\_0^\* & \text{if }k=1, \\\\\\
1-p\_0^\* & \text {if }k=0.\end{cases}$$
$$f(k;p\_0^\*) = \begin{cases} p\_0^\* & \text{if }k=1, \\\\\\
1-p\_0^\* & \text {if }k=0.\end{cases}$$
### Publication abstracts
As Hugo and Academic attempt to parse TOML, Markdown, and LaTeX content in the abstract, the following guidelines should be followed just for the publication `abstract` and `abstract_short` fields:
- escape each LaTeX backslash (`\`) with an extra backslash, yielding `\\`
- escape each LaTeX underscore (`_`) with two backslashes, yielding `\\_`
Hence, `abstract = "${O(d_{\max})}$"` becomes `abstract = "${O(d\\_{\\max})}$"`.
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