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i18n: update Basque (#1539)

Translation to Basque was unfinished. Also, I corrected some mistakes.
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MikelBa committed Feb 1, 2020
1 parent 4b6b625 commit 7ce6e75542678491ce00390f539c677eff5777bf
Showing with 47 additions and 47 deletions.
  1. +47 −47 i18n/eu.yaml
@@ -1,27 +1,27 @@
- id: toggle_navigation
translation: Txandakatu nabigazioa
translation: Nabigazio-barra
- id: table_of_contents
translation: Table of Contents
translation: Aurkibidea
- id: on_this_page
translation: On this page
translation: Orrialde honetan
- id: back_to_top
translation: Back to top
translation: Hasierara itzuli
- id: related
translation: Related
translation: Erlazionatuta
- id: minute_read
translation: min read
translation: minutuko irakurketa
- id: previous
translation: Previous
translation: Aurrekoa
- id: next
translation: Next
translation: Hurrengoa
- id: figure
translation: 'Figure %d:'
translation: 'Figura %d:'
- id: btn_preprint
translation: Preprint
translation: Aurreargitalpena
- id: btn_pdf
translation: PDF
- id: btn_cite
translation: Cite
translation: Aipuak
- id: btn_slides
translation: Diapositibak
- id: btn_video
@@ -33,98 +33,98 @@
- id: btn_project
translation: Proiektua
- id: btn_poster
translation: Poster
translation: Posterra
- id: btn_source
translation: Source Document
translation: Jatorrizko dokumentua
- id: btn_copy
translation: Copy
translation: Kopiatu
- id: btn_download
translation: Download
translation: Deskargatu
- id: interests
translation: Interesak
- id: education
translation: Ikasketak
- id: user_profile_latest
translation: Latest
translation: Berriak
- id: see_certificate
translation: See certificate
translation: Ikusi zertifikatua
- id: present
translation: Present
translation: Gaur egun
- id: more_pages
translation: See all
translation: Dena ikusi
- id: more_posts
translation: Bidalketa gehiago
translation: Post gehiago
- id: more_talks
translation: Hitzaldi gehiago
- id: more_publications
translation: Argitalpen gehiago
- id: contact_name
translation: Name
translation: Izena
- id: contact_email
translation: Email
translation: Emaila
- id: contact_message
translation: Message
translation: Mezua
- id: contact_send
translation: Send
translation: Bidali
- id: book_appointment
translation: Book an appointment
translation: Hitzordua eskatu
- id: abstract
translation: Laburpena
- id: publication
translation: Non argitaratua
translation: Publikazioa
- id: publication_type
translation: Mota
- id: date
translation: Data
- id: last_updated
translation: Last updated on
translation: Azkenengoz editatua
- id: event
translation: Ekitaldia
- id: location
translation: Kokalekua
- id: pub_uncat
translation: Uncategorized
translation: Kategoria gabe
- id: pub_conf
translation: Conference paper
translation: Konferentzia-artikulua
- id: pub_journal
translation: Journal article
translation: Aldizkari-artikulua
- id: pub_preprint
translation: Preprint
translation: Aurreargitalpena
- id: pub_report
translation: Report
translation: Txostena
- id: pub_book
translation: Book
translation: Liburua
- id: pub_book_section
translation: Book section
translation: Liburu-kapitulua
- id: pub_thesis
translation: Thesis
translation: Tesia
- id: pub_patent
translation: Patent
translation: Patentea
- id: open_project_site
translation: Joan proiektuaren webgunera
- id: posts
translation: Bidalketak
translation: Posts
- id: publications
translation: Argitalpenak
- id: talks
translation: Hitzaldiak
- id: projects
translation: Projects
translation: Projektuak
- id: search
translation: Search
translation: Bilatu
- id: search_placeholder
translation: Search...
translation: Bilatu...
- id: search_results
translation: results found
translation: Bilaketaren emaitzak
- id: search_no_results
translation: No results found
translation: Ez da ezer aurkitu
- id: page_not_found
translation: Page not found
translation: Ezin izan da orrialdea aurkitu
- id: 404_recommendations
translation: Perhaps you were looking for one of these?
translation: Agian hauetako baten bila zenbiltzan?
- id: cookie_message
translation: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.
translation: Webgune honek cookie-ak erabiltzen ditu esperientzia hobea bermatzeko.
- id: cookie_dismiss
translation: Got it!
translation: Ulertua!
- id: cookie_learn
translation: Learn more
translation: Informazio gehiago

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