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gcushen Add featured image system with focal points and responsive XL split
- featured image: Enable focal point to be set by user in front matter
- pages: Featured image responsively transforms to split view on XL monitors
- pages: Refactor page title, metadata, and image into one reusable module
- archetypes: Migrate to folder approach and update image options
- post widget: Refactor detailed layout to use featured image
- accessibility: Add alt tag to header and featured image
- accessibility: Improve text contrast based on Lighthouse audit
- publication: Entirely deprecate old `image` front matter option
- docs: Remove header image option (was never a documented feature)
- project widget: Add `noopener` to external links

See #708
Fix #728
Fix #704
Fix #705
See #718
Latest commit c37cf33 Oct 13, 2018