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(:require [ :as ds])
(:import java.util.Date
[ Queue QueueFactory
TaskOptions$Builder TaskOptions$Method]))
(defonce ^{:dynamic true} *default-queue* (atom nil))
(defonce ^{:dynamic true} *named-queues* (atom {}))
(defonce ^{:dynamic true} *task-http-methods*
{:post TaskOptions$Method/POST
:delete TaskOptions$Method/DELETE
:get TaskOptions$Method/GET
:head TaskOptions$Method/HEAD
:put TaskOptions$Method/PUT})
(defn get-task-queue [& {:keys [queue]}]
(if (nil? queue)
(do (when (nil? @*default-queue*)
(reset! *default-queue* (QueueFactory/getDefaultQueue)))
(let [q (@*named-queues* queue)]
(if-not (nil? q)
((swap! *named-queues* assoc
queue (QueueFactory/getQueue queue))
;; TODO: Support adding multiple tasks at once.
(defn add! [& {:keys [queue url task-name
join-current-transaction? params headers payload method
countdown-ms eta-ms eta]
:or {join-current-transaction? false
params {}
headers {}
method :post}}]
(when (or (nil? url) (not (string? url)) (= "" (.trim url)))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "add! requires a :url argument")))
(when-not (map? params)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "add! :params must be a map")))
(let [queue-obj (get-task-queue :queue queue)
opts (TaskOptions$Builder/withUrl url)]
;; headers
(doseq [[header-name header-value] headers]
(.header opts header-name header-value))
;; task naming
(when task-name
(.taskName opts task-name))
;; params
(doseq [[param-name param-value] params]
(.param opts
(name param-name)
(string? param-value) param-value
(instance? (class (byte-array 0)) param-value) param-value
:else (str param-value))))
;; HTTP method for hitting task
(.method opts (*task-http-methods* method))
;; payload
;; nothing, no problem
(nil? payload) nil
;; just a string
(string? payload)
(.payload opts payload)
;; string with a charset, or a byte array with a Content-Type
(and (sequential? payload) (= 2 (count payload)))
(.payload opts (first payload) (second payload))
;; something's wrong
:else (throw (IllegalArgumentException. "add! :payload invalid")))
;; scheduling
;; more than one given, blow up
(> (count (remove nil? [countdown-ms eta-ms eta])) 1)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "add! only supports one scheduling parameter at a time"))
;; direct countdown
(not (nil? countdown-ms))
(.countdownMillis opts (long countdown-ms))
;; direct time given in milliseconds
(not (nil? eta-ms))
(.etaMillis opts (long eta-ms))
;; direct time given, incorrectly
(and (not (nil? eta)) (not (instance? Date eta)))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "add! :eta requires a java.util.Date argument"))
;; direct time given, correctly, as a Date object
(not (nil? eta))
(.etaMillis opts (long (.getTime eta)))
;; nothing given, no problem
:else nil)
;; transactions and done
(if join-current-transaction?
(.add queue-obj ds/*current-transaction* opts)
(.add queue-obj opts))))
(defn purge! [& {:keys [queue]}]
(let [queue-obj (get-task-queue :queue queue)]
(.purge queue-obj)))
;; TODO: Support deleting multiple tasks at once.
(defn delete! [task & {:keys [queue]}]
(let [queue-obj (get-task-queue :queue queue)]
(.deleteTask queue-obj task)))
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