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(ns appengine-magic.testing
(:use [appengine-magic.utils :only [os-type]])
(:import [ LocalServiceTestHelper
LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig$SizeUnit
[ ApiProxy]))
(def ^{:dynamic true} *memcache-size-units*
{:bytes LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig$SizeUnit/BYTES
:kb LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig$SizeUnit/KB
:mb LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig$SizeUnit/MB})
(def ^{:dynamic true} *logging-levels*
{:all java.util.logging.Level/ALL
:severe java.util.logging.Level/SEVERE
:warning java.util.logging.Level/WARNING
:info java.util.logging.Level/INFO
:config java.util.logging.Level/CONFIG
:fine java.util.logging.Level/FINE
:finer java.util.logging.Level/FINER
:finest java.util.logging.Level/FINEST
:off java.util.logging.Level/OFF})
(defn memcache [& {:keys [max-size size-units]}]
(let [lmstc (LocalMemcacheServiceTestConfig.)]
;; this means adjust the cache size
(and max-size size-units)
(.setMaxSize lmstc (long max-size) (*memcache-size-units* size-units))
;; nothing provided; do nothing
(and (nil? max-size) (nil? size-units))
;; one or the other provided: too error-prone, disallow
(throw (RuntimeException. "provide both :max-size and :size-units")))
(defn datastore [& {:keys [storage? store-delay-ms
max-txn-lifetime-ms max-query-lifetime-ms
:or {storage? false}}]
(let [ldstc (LocalDatastoreServiceTestConfig.)]
(.setNoStorage ldstc (not storage?))
(when-not (nil? store-delay-ms)
(.setStoreDelayMs ldstc store-delay-ms))
(when-not (nil? max-txn-lifetime-ms)
(.setMaxTxnLifetimeMs ldstc max-txn-lifetime-ms))
(when-not (nil? max-query-lifetime-ms)
(.setMaxQueryLifetimeMs ldstc max-query-lifetime-ms))
(if-not (nil? backing-store-location)
(.setBackingStoreLocation ldstc backing-store-location)
(.setBackingStoreLocation ldstc (if (= :windows (os-type))
(defn mail [& {:keys [log-mail-body? log-mail-level]
:or {log-mail-body? false
log-mail-level :info}}]
(let [lmstc (LocalMailServiceTestConfig.)]
(.setLogMailBody lmstc log-mail-body?)
(.setLogMailLevel lmstc (*logging-levels* log-mail-level))
(defn user []
(defn- make-local-services-fixture-fn [services hook-helper]
(fn [test-fn]
(let [environment (ApiProxy/getCurrentEnvironment)
delegate (ApiProxy/getDelegate)
helper (hook-helper (LocalServiceTestHelper. (into-array LocalServiceTestConfig services)))]
(.setUp helper)
(.tearDown helper)
(ApiProxy/setEnvironmentForCurrentThread environment)
(ApiProxy/setDelegate delegate))))
(defn- local-services-helper
[(memcache) (datastore) (mail) (user)])
([services override]
(let [services (if (= :all services) (local-services-helper) services)]
(if (nil? override)
(let [given-services (zipmap (map class services) services)
override-services (zipmap (map class override) override)]
(merge given-services override-services))))))
(defn local-services
"Uses all services with their default settings."
(make-local-services-fixture-fn (local-services-helper) identity))
([services & {:keys [override hook-helper] :or {hook-helper identity}}]
"- If services is :all, uses all services with their default settings.
- If services is a vector of services, uses those as given.
- To use all defaults, but override some specific services, use :all
and an :override vector."
(make-local-services-fixture-fn (local-services-helper services override) hook-helper)))
(defn login
"Hook helper to be a logged-in user."
(let [domain (-> (re-seq #"@(.+)$" email) first second)]
#(.. % (setEnvIsLoggedIn true) (setEnvAuthDomain domain) (setEnvEmail email))))
(defn admin
"Hook helper to be an admin."
#(.setEnvIsAdmin % true))
(defn admin-login
"Hook helper to logged in as an admin."
(comp (admin) (login email)))
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