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Some changes for Leiningen 2 support.

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1 parent 8f044e4 commit e7c0aa8e8cba00332823e8f1466a8e97ee9a1f40 @gcv committed Dec 31, 2012
Showing with 11 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 src/leiningen/appengine_new.clj
  2. +10 −12 src/leiningen/appengine_prepare.clj
2 src/leiningen/appengine_new.clj
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
(.mkdir web-inf-dir)
(println "created WEB-INF directory" (.getPath web-inf-dir)))
;; write some base source files
- (let [src-dir (File. (:source-path project))
+ (let [src-dir (File. (first (:source-paths project)))
src-base-namespace-dir (File. src-dir (dash_ prj-application))
entry-servlet-file (File. src-base-namespace-dir (str prj-servlet ".clj"))
core-ns-file (File. src-base-namespace-dir "core.clj")]
22 src/leiningen/appengine_prepare.clj
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
(ns leiningen.appengine-prepare
"Prepares a the Google App Engine application for deployment."
(:use appengine-magic.utils
- [leiningen.core :only [abort]])
- (:require leiningen.compile leiningen.jar leiningen.util.file
+ [leiningen.core.main :only [abort]])
+ (:require leiningen.compile leiningen.jar leiningen.clean
+ [leiningen.core.classpath :as classpath]
+ ;; FIXME: Remove the Lancet dependency.
[lancet.core :as lancet])
@@ -11,14 +13,14 @@
(let [prj-application (or (:appengine-application project) (:name project))
prj-display-name (or (:appengine-display-name project) (:name project))
prj-servlet (or (:appengine-entry-servlet project) "app_servlet")
+ dependencies (classpath/resolve-dependencies :dependencies project) ; FIXME: Does this work?
war-dir (File. (or (:appengine-app-war-root project) "war"))
- lib-dir (File. (:library-path project))
- lib-dev-dir (File. lib-dir "dev")
web-inf-dir (File. war-dir "WEB-INF")
target-lib-dir (File. web-inf-dir "lib")
compile-path (File. (:compile-path project))
compile-path-exists? (.isDirectory compile-path)
compile-path-empty? (= 0 (-> compile-path .list seq count))]
+ (println dependencies)
(println "preparing App Engine application" prj-display-name "for deployment")
;; check for basic correctness
(when (some (fn [x] (= 'appengine-magic (first x)))
@@ -44,21 +46,17 @@
(lancet/move {:file (leiningen.jar/get-jar-filename project)
:todir (.getPath target-lib-dir)})
;; copy important dependencies into WEB-INF/lib
+ ;; FIXME: This needs to exclude development-only dependencies.
(lancet/copy {:todir (.getPath target-lib-dir)}
- (lancet/fileset {:dir lib-dir :includes "*" :excludes "dev"}))
- (lancet/copy {:todir (.getPath target-lib-dir)}
- (lancet/fileset
- {:dir lib-dev-dir
- :includes (str "appengine-magic*,ring-core*,"
- "commons-io*,commons-codec*,commons-fileupload*,"
- "appengine-api-1.0-sdk*,appengine-api-labs*")}))))
+ (lancet/fileset {:dir lib-dir
+ :includes "*"}))))
;; Projects which do not normally use AOT may need some cleanup. This should
;; happen regardless of compilation success or failure.
(when-not (contains? project :aot)
;; never had a classes/ directory; unlikely with Leiningen
(not compile-path-exists?)
- (leiningen.util.file/delete-file-recursively compile-path true)
+ (leiningen.clean/delete-file-recursively compile-path true)
;; had an empty classes/ directory
(doseq [entry-name (.list compile-path)]

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