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XMPP support started #16

jolby opened this Issue · 1 comment

2 participants

Joel Boehland Constantine Vetoshev
Joel Boehland

I just wanted to point out that I've started to add XMPP support on my xmpp branch here:

I'm still new to GAE and appengine-magic, so if anyone sees something that is incorrect or that doesn't fit in with this project, let me know. I'll try to finish it up over the next week or so, and hopefully it can be included in this project.

Also, is there an official maillist for this project, or do folks mostly hang out on this issue list?

Joel Boehland

Constantine Vetoshev

Thanks, Joel. XMPP support will be a welcome addition to appengine-magic.

There is no official mailing list yet, but there have been a few questions and answers on the Clojure Web Development Google Group: If demand picks up more, I'll start a dedicated Google Group.

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