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VS14 wants /DLL in link command

Without it, Visual Studio 14.0 (also command-line only Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools) reports "Entry Point not found" and fails to link.
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1 parent 724e115 commit f9d8972a37ab7da7f5ea7be5d80319d65c745087 @jpvlsmv jpvlsmv committed on GitHub Aug 4, 2016
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@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ def main():
'"/D _MBCS"', '/GF', '/Gm', '/Zi', '/EHsc',
'/MT', '/Gy', '/W4', '/nologo', '/c', '/TC',
- extra_link_args=['/MANIFEST']))]
+ extra_link_args=['/MANIFEST', '/DLL']))]
elif 'darwin' in system or 'macosx' in system:
libraries = [(
'distorm3', dict(

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