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.SUFFIXES: .erl .beam .yrl
.PHONY: all clean run-shell
SRCDIR := src
OBJDIR := ebin
ERLC := erlc $(ERLC_FLAGS)
# GNU Make Recursive Wildcard Function
rwildcard=$(foreach d,$(wildcard $1*),$(call rwildcard,$d/,$2) $(filter $(subst *,%,$2),$d))
SOURCES := $(call rwildcard,$(SRCDIR),*.erl)
OBJECTS := $(patsubst $(SRCDIR)/%.erl,$(OBJDIR)/%.beam,$(SOURCES))
OBJDIRS := $(sort $(foreach a,$(OBJECTS),$(dir $a)))
mkdir $@
cp $< $@
$(OBJDIR)/%.beam: $(SRCDIR)/%.erl
$(ERLC) -o $(dir $@) $<
rm -rf $(OBJDIR)
rm -f erl_crash.dump
@erl -sname ircbot -pa $(OBJDIR)
# dialyzer support
APPS = kernel stdlib sasl erts ssl tools os_mon runtime_tools crypto inets \
xmerl webtool snmp public_key mnesia eunit syntax_tools compiler
COMBO_PLT = .dialyzer_plt
check_plt: compile
dialyzer --check_plt --plt $(COMBO_PLT) --apps $(APPS) $(OBJDIR)
build_plt: compile
dialyzer --build_plt --output_plt $(COMBO_PLT) --apps $(APPS) $(OBJDIR)
dialyzer: compile
@echo Compile with "'make ERLC_FLAGS=+debug_info'" prior to using this target.
@echo Use "'make build_plt'" to build PLT prior to using this target.
@echo Use "'make check_plt'" to check PLT prior to using this target.
@sleep 1
dialyzer -Wno_return --plt $(COMBO_PLT) $(OBJDIR)