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A simple extendable irc bot in Erlang
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An extendable ircbot written in Erlang

It all started when I decided I need to learn Erlang. At the same time I needed
a simple ircbot to handle some of the channels I frequent on. These two things
put together and I decided to start this project.

The evolution of my knowledge can be best seen from the history of the git
commits (see:

Now that the bot is extendable by plugins, and quite stable it's becoming prety
usefull. It still needs improvements and is work in progress, but plugins can
be written for anything.

Patches, help and feature requests can be sent on the github issue tracker.
There's a TODO list I keep there too.

The bot is MIT licensed (for no particular reason), it's a very liberal license
with no strings, so you can really do whatever you want with it.
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