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Features required if I was to use a window manager (i3, awesome) instead of KDE:

  • custom window rules
  • full keyboard control
  • systray icons: old style (xembed) and new style (dbus/app-indicator)
  • xkb support: keyboard layout per window, realtime indicator widget
  • xrandr support: don't crash, don't put windows on secondary screen unless told to
  • PulseAudio integration: mic, speakers mute, volume up and down keys, OSD display, realtime indicator widget
  • Bluetooth support: good applet (blueman?)
  • NetworkManager support: good applet (nm-applet is fine)
  • Display brightness: handle up/down keys, OSD
  • udisks2 applet
  • upowerd applet
  • Proper and secure screen locking (with inhibitors)
  • pop-up notifications

Nice to have:

  • compositing window manager - not for the effects, but performance (ie. no flicker) - but also some effects :)
  • Wayland migration path


  • Firefox, Chrome
  • Communi (irc)
  • Konsole
  • Transmission
  • Cantata
  • Dolphin


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