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Paste as a CouchApp

Main incentive: a paste service that notifies me in real time. Then I can relay that info to IRC (for ex). CouchDB gives me _changes notifications for free, so that's how the decission was made to be a CouchApp. Other requirements were, code colouring, perfect utf-8 support, paste titles so there can be a nice overview of what's there, and tags so you can filter the _changes feed based on that.

A document looks like:

  title: "Single line title, no html",
  content: "multi line, no html",
  tags: ["list", "of", "tags"],
  created_at: <timestamp>

Getting started

Use make get-deps to download jQuery and google-code-prettify. Then couchapp init and couchapp push

Finally open

How does it work

The main page, _attachments/index.html is a static page served directly by CouchDB. It uses ajax post to create the paste document in the database via the update function updates/create.js. The update function makes sure the document is good enough and adds a timestamp field (created_at).

The main page also displays the 10 last pastes using the view defined in views/timestamp/map.js.

All ajax requests happen through relative urls (relative to the _rewrite/ url), so it will work both when accessed as vhost, directly from couchdbs rewriter or prefixed behind a proxy.

Pastes are show by their document id, via the shows/paste.js function. This function will use a mustache template templates/paste.html to create a html around the document. There's also a shows/raw.js which just displays the raw contents of the paste, and it will add the paste title and tags to the http headers.

Setup vhosts

Go to the configuration page of CouchDB (it's right there on the right in Futon), and then click on "Add a new section", set vhosts as section, your domain name as option, and /paste/_design/paste/_rewrite as value. This thing in the config file will look like:

paste.example.tld = /paste/_design/paste/_rewrite

or with curl:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/_config/vhosts/paste.example.tld \
    -d '"/paste/_design/paste/_rewrite"'

Read the documentation about CouchDB Virtual Hosts for further info.


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