an iOS library to enable easy access to palettes / colour groups
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iOS / Objective C library for interfacing with

The site at hosts a great community of artist colour palettes and more. This library allows you to access the colour palettes in an iPhone or iPad app.

Please note that the ColourLovers API is available for non commercial products. They may have a commercial api available shortly.


This library depends on networking from the excellent AFNetworking library.

Once you check out the project you can update appropriate git submodules by changing to the project directory and running

git submodule init thirdparty/AFNetworking
git submodule update thirdparty/AFNetworking
git submodule init thirdparty/JSONKit
git submodule update thirdparty/JSONKit

Using the library:

NOTE: It's assumed you're using ARC (automatic reference counting) for this library.

Loading colours should be as easy as calling the api and passing a block to handle the callback once colours have loaded:

[[ColourLovers instance] loadPalettesOfType:ColourPaletteTypeNew success:^(NSArray *palettes) {
    self.palettes = palettes;
    [self.tableView reloadData];

The code above comes from the example provided (in the file ColoursTableVc).


There's also other options for calling the library which allow you to load the top palettes, page the list etc. Please see the source for this, it's not too complicated.