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npm install cube2

After it's installed cd into the cube2 module directory and run the test suite

mocha -u bdd --compilers coffee:coffee-script test

To run the test suite you will need to have the mocha and coffee-script module installed (if these are local installs you may need to alter your PATH environment to make the modules shell scripts accessible).

Server List

Here's how to fetch the list of registered game servers from the master server

    // Do something with the servers argument

If the request is successful the servers argument will be an array where each element is an object with an address and port property.

Ping Server

var client = new cube2.gameserver.PingSocket();

  hostname: "", /* required */
  port: 28786,
  timeout: 2000,
  query: "server", /* required */
  callback: function(reply, errorMessage){

    // Check for error condition
    if(reply === undefined){
      console.log("Ping error: " + errorMessage);
    // Process the reply

You will only ever have to create one PingSocket object for your application; a single PingSocket object can support any number of concurrent ping requests. For example, to get server information on all the registered game servers, call client.ping for each element in the server list.

server query

reply object

  ping: integer,
  protocol: integer,
  numClients: integer,
  maxClients: integer,
  gamemode: string,
  timeleft: seconds/integer,
  mastermode: string,
  mastermodeNum: integer,
  map: string,
  name: string 

uptime query

reply object

  uptime: integer

playerStats query

reply object

      cn: integer,
      ping: integer,
      name: string,
      team: string,
      frags: integer,
      flags: integer,
      deaths: integer,
      teamkills: integer,
      damage: integer,
      health: integer,
      armour: integer,
      gunselect: integer,
      privilege: integer,
      state: integer,
      ip: string,
      id: same as key value

teamStats query

reply object

    <team name>:{
      score: integer,
      bases: [integer*]