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This is a very basic project to facilitate PGP operations in Chrome.

Currently, the only functionality is to transparently sign the contents of
textareas.  This allows one to e.g. sign messages in the Gmail web interface.
Setup is a bit convoluted, but here's how you do it:

1. Install the "Edit With Emacs" chrome extension
2. Place the "edit-server.el" file into your emacs load path.  As shown in that file:
;; To use it ensure the file is in your load-path and add something
;; like the following examples to your .emacs:
;; To open pages for editing in new buffers in your existing Emacs
;; instance:
;; (if (locate-library "edit-server")
;;    (progn
;;      (require 'edit-server)
;;      (setq edit-server-new-frame nil)
;;      (edit-server-start)))
;; To open pages for editing in new frames using a running emacs
;; started in --daemon mode:
;; (if (and (daemonp) (locate-library "edit-server"))
;;     (progn
;;       (require 'edit-server)
;;       (edit-server-start)))
3. Start an emacs instance or an emacs --daemon instance.
4. In chrome, click the "edit" link in a textarea.

TODO: modify the "Edit With Emacs" chrome plugin to allow easy
signing/encryption/etc. of textareas.