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Welcome to zcommit!

zcommit allows you to send zephyr notifications by sending an HTTP
POST request to a URL. Currently zcommit supports POST-backs from
github. If you would like it to support another form of POST-back,
please let us know (zcommit@mit.edu).

== URL structure ==

The URL you post to is structured as follows:
http://zcommit.mit.edu/$type/$key1/$value1/$key2/$value2/.... So for
example, the URL
http://zcommit.mit.edu/github/class/zcommit/instance/commit is parsed
as having type github, class zcommit, and instance commit. Using this
information, zcommit figures out how to form a useful message which is
then sends as a zephyr.

== Types ==

zcommit supports the following zephyr types:

==== Github ====

This type parses a Github pingback to send a commit zephyr to a class
of your choice.  Set your POST-back URL to
http://zcommit.mit.edu/github/class/$classname, followed by any of the
following optional key/value parameters:

    * /instance/$instance
    * /zsig/$zsig
    * /sender/$sender

==== Default ====

This option allows you to send an arbitrary zephyr.  Same as github,
but with "github" replaced by "default" in the URL, and no "sender"
parameter. The "payload" parameter of the POST should contain the body
of the zephyr.