Fixed kgmacros to work with VMware kernel gdb stub
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This is a fixed kgmacros based on Mountain Lion 10.8.3 kernel debug kit.
It's goal is to work with VMware kernel gdb stub. The default kgmacros file has
problems working with VMware.

Only tested with this stub and not over kdp. Probably works since fixes
are only missing casts. I doubt it will work with older versions, in particular
Lion and Snow Leopard due to changes in internal structures. With other
Mountain Lion versions your chances are better!

If you want to debug 64 bits OS X kernels, you should use this fixed gdb version
available at

For info about using VMware's gdb stub for kernel debugging refer to Snare's post:

It's a work in progress, quite a few commands need to be fixed.
The most useful (to me at least) already work.

There's also an updated version to use with Mavericks.