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Python API for SugarCRM web services

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Updated Examples

Example code has been corrected to reflect more direct Module access
which takes advantage of on-demand caching.  It also demonstrates
multi-field access which reduces overhead and improves readability.
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SugarCRM Python library


This library intends to provide a simple and unified interface to access the SugarCRM REST API.

Important notes

  • If you were using the older version of this library, you should make sure the current version doesn't break your system. This new version adds a higer level of abstraction and some API-calls were deprecated. You can find the old version (v0.1) here
  • This library in active development, and forward compatibility isn't yet assured.


You will find some examples of basic usage in


  • Improve unit testing.


python_webservices_library is released under the BSD license. Refer to the AUTHORS file for more information.

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