chokes on my project.clj #24

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My project.clj looks a bit like:

;; Pick up special frobbing
(require 'mine.frob)

(defproject flib
  "Flib at high speed"

And I would love to use marginalia but it chokes on my project.clj! :( Sadness.


fogus commented Mar 8, 2011

How are you running Marg?

$ lein marg

Raynes commented Nov 24, 2011

Could you perhaps update with an actual running example project.clj that fails? I can't test the frobbing without the whole frob.


fogus commented Mar 6, 2012

We need more detail.

gfrey commented May 11, 2012

Well, I guess his problem is that the parse-project-file function only handles project.clj files that have defproject form at beginning. He'll have a project name of (quote mine.frob), I guess.

TreeRex commented Apr 18, 2015

This happens on my project.clj as well, which starts like:

(def wombat-version "1.1.0-SNAPSHOT")
;; BUILD_NUMBER is set by Jenkins
(def build-number (or (System/getenv "BUILD_NUMBER")
                      (str "dev-" (.format (java.text.SimpleDateFormat. "yyyyMMddHHmmss")
(def release-version (str wombat-version \. build-number))

(defproject wombat release-version
  :description "Wombat's are wicked"

I can obviously inline all of the above into defproject but I'd rather not.

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