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OnBoard -- .

Except where otherwise stated, this work is
Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 
Guido De Rosa <guido.derosa at> and
Antonello Ventre <antonello.ventre at> .

License: GPLv2 

Artworks from various sources are included.
See public/*/* for details and Copyright info.


A web interface to manage Linux-based networking and virtualization
appliances. It's been developed and tested on Debian GNU/Linux and its 
derivative for embedded systems, Voyage Linux ( 
It should work on other distros too, altough untested right now. Feel free 
to contribute and test.


For any web page, you may change .html extension into .json to
get machine-readable data. 

An .rb extension is also available for debugging purposes when in 
Sinatra 'development' environment. 


Software requirements for "core" (check individual directories under modules/
for module-specific, additional requirements): 

* ruby 1.9.2 (currently tested with 1.9.3)
* sudo
* iproute2
* iptables (with proper kernel support)
* bridge-utils (brctl)
* pciutils (lspci command)
* usbutils (lsusb command)
* dhcpcd 
  * Also, resolvconf is recommended
* dnsmasq >= 2.61, != 2.63
  * removed ISC-style leasefile format, which is assumed when no
    dhcp-range is provided -- and leads to troubles
  * --host-record (bugfree ;)
* locales 
  ## and generate (UTF8) locales for languages/countries you want to support
* ifrename (optional) 


(some gems are written in C or C++ , so you need a reasonably complete 
C/C++ build environment; and, if you installed a pre-packaged ruby, you
will need header files from a package named ruby-dev or something alike)

gem install erubis rack rubytree sinatra i18n_data locale thin r18n-core sinatra-r18n escape facets hierarchical_menu uuid --no-ri --no-rdoc

Gem version specific requirements:

  * facets            >= 2.9.0
  * hierarchical_menu >= 0.1.4


Please read carefully doc/sysadm/example/etc/sysctl.conf and copy and/or append 
the configuration to the Linux machine /etc/sysctl.conf file.


This Free/Open Source Software project is sponsored by 
VEMAR sas, Paterno (PZ), Italy --