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Hack@DAC 2018 Phase 2 Buggy SoC

SoC used for the second phase of the 2018 Hack@DAC hardware security competition ( This SoC is a modified version of the PULPissimo SoC, which was created by ETH Zurich and the University of Bologna ( A collobaration of researchers at Texas A&M University, Technische Universität Darmstadt, and Intel expanded the PULPissimo SoC by adding additional security features and inserting hardware security bugs.


The following bugs were inserted into the SoC:

# Bug
1 Address range overlap between peripherals SPI Master and SoC.
2 Addresses for L2 memory is out of the specified range.
3 Processor assigns privilege level of execution incorrectly from CSR.
4 Register that controls GPIO lock can be written to with software.
5 Reset clears the GPIO lock control register.
6 Incorrect address range for APB allows memory aliasing.
7 AXI address decoder ignores errors.
8 Address range overlap between GPIO, SPI, and SoC control peripherals.
9 Incorrect password checking logic in debug unit.
10 Advanced debug unit only checks 31 of the 32 bits of the password.
11 Able to access debug register when in halt mode.
12 Password check for the debug unit does not reset after successful check.
13 Faulty decoder state machine logic in RISC-V core results in a hang.
14 Incomplete case statement in ALU can cause unpredictable behavior.
15 Faulty logic in the RTC causing inaccurate time calculation for security-critical flows, e.g., DRM.
16 Reset for the advanced debug unit not operational.
17 Memory-mapped register file allows code injection.
18 Non-functioning cryptography module causes DOS.
19 Insecure hash function in the cryptography module.
20 Cryptographic key for AES stored in unprotected memory.
21 Temperature sensor is muxed with the cryptography modules.
22 ROM size is too small preventing execution of security code.
23 Disabled the ability to activate the security-enhanced core.
24 GPIO enable always high.
25 Unprivileged user-space code can write to the privileged CSR.
26 Advanced debug unit password is hard-coded and set on reset.
27 Secure mode is not required to write to interrupt registers.
28 JTAG interface is not password protected.
29 Output of MAC is not erased on reset.
30 Supervisor mode signal of a core is floating preventing the use of SMAP.
31 GPIO is able to read/write to instruction and data cache.

For more information on the bugs, please see doc/Bug_info.xlsx.

Getting Started

To install the SoC, please follow the steps listed in the PULPissimo readme (

Support & Questions

For any issues with the SoC or any questions, please add an issue to our issue tracker.


The SoC used for the beta phase of Hack@DAC 2018.







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