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;; Use at your own risk!!
;; add the following lines to .emacs file.
;; When a function header needs to be generated, place the cursor
;; on the same line as function definition and call the function
;; generate-header. Alternatively, a key-binding can be added
;; using (global-set-key) or adding this function to the python-mode-hook
;; this method also assume the python-mode is on though
;; it could be run even when not in python mode.
;; TODO: Test for python-mode specifically
(defun get-function-definition(sentence)
(message sentence)
(if (string-match "def.*(.*):" sentence)
(match-string 0 sentence))
(defun get-parameters(sentence)
(setq y (get-function-definition sentence))
(message y)
(if y
(if (string-match "(.*)" y)
(match-string 0 y)))
(require 'thingatpt)
(defun generate-header()
(setq p (get-parameters (thing-at-point 'sentence)))
(forward-line 1)
(insert "\t\"\"\"\n\n\n")
(setq params (split-string p "[?\,?\(?\)?\ ]"))
(while params
(if (/= (length (chomp (car params))) 0)
(insert "\t:param ")
(insert (chomp (car params)))
(insert ": \n")))
(setq params (cdr params)))
(insert "\n\t\"\"\"\n\n")