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GDG Chapter website template
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Aura - GDG[x]

Standard Web App for GDG's Communties.
Version: 1.0.5


Aura is the website template that helps you to set GDG's Communities website with events, team and management in a few minutes.

The template is created by GDG Jalandhar team experience of running meetups.


Feature Description
Fast and optimized PWA on Lighthouse
Works offline Can works offline
Mobile first Mobo Friendly Web app can be installed as a native app on your phone
SEO optimized index all content and get to the top in search results
Easy in management keep and update all information in the JSON File

Getting Started

  1. Fork repository and clone it locally
  2. Install project dependencies: npm install
  3. Find the Meetup API Key and paste it here, also replace the chapter URL from[gdg-chapter-url]
  4. Compiles and hot-reloads for development: npm run serve
  5. Update Meta Tag, Title Tag and Google Analytics Code from Basic Info, manifest.json and Resources
  6. For the production: npm run build and then one dir will be created dist
  7. For testing: npm run test

Deploy your Web App on Firebase

  1. Setup Environment for the Firebase deployment
    • Install Firebase CLI: npm i -g firebase-tools
  2. Create Firebase account and login into Firebase CLI: firebase login
  3. Open Terminal/CMD/Powershell in your dir.
  4. Now type firebase login command in your Terminal/CMD/Powershell.
  5. Type firebase init.
  6. Select the project by using the arrow keys.
  7. Then Select the Firebase Hosting by using Spacebar and arrow key.
  8. Click No for Single page web app.
  9. Type dist.
  10. Some by default file will be created successfully.
  11. Run locally
    • firebase serve or npm run serve
  12. Update Firebase.json file
            "hosting": {
                "public": "dist",
                "rewrites": [ {
                    "source": "**",
                    "destination": "/index.html"
                } ],
                "ignore": [
  13. Build and deploy
    • firebase deploy or npm run deploy

Run your tests

  1. For Test: npm run test

Lints and fixes files

  1. For Lints and Fixes files: npm run lint


  1. The Getting Started guide is probably a good first point of call!
  2. Full documentation.

Customize configuration

See Configuration Reference.

Technology Stack

View Website Built with Project

Community Name Web App Link
GDG Jalandhar View Now
GDG Kuala Lumpur View Now
GDG Fortaleza View Now
GDG Kozhikode View Now
GDG Delta View Now
GDG Tokyo View Now
GDG Yangon View Now
GDG Gran Canaria View Now
GDG Santander View Now
GDG Ciudad del Este View Now
GDG Ilorin View Now
GDG Chetumal View Now
GDG Porto View Now
GDG Istanbul View Now
GDG Port-of-Spain View Now
GDG Jeddah View Now
GDG Sevilla View Now
GDG Madeira View Now
GDG Chandigarh View Now
GDG Rochester View Now

Project is published under the MIT license.
Feel free to clone and modify repo as you want, but don't forget to add reference to authors :)

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