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Project Zeppelin / GDG DevFest 2014 site template


Project Zeppelin allows you to setup awesome GDG DevFest site in 5 minutes.

Project is built on top of Jekyll - simple, blog-aware, static site generator. Jekyll also happens to be the engine behind GitHub Pages, which means you can use Jekyll to host your website from GitHub’s servers for free. Learn more about Jekyll.

Template is brought by GDG Lviv team.

Live demo

Automated version with Grunt


  • Easy to setup
  • Simple and responsive design
  • Integrated speakers and sessions management
  • SVG icons
  • SEO friendly

Quick-start guide

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Clone locally
  3. Update _config.yml
  4. Select what content blocks do you need
  5. Push changes to gh-pages branch
  6. Enjoy your awesome DevFest site at http://[your github name]

Or watch project presentation from GDG[x] Townhall meeting. Slides available here

Local development

Check if you have all requirements for local environment. To install all development dependencies install Bundler.

    gem install bundler

and run next command from root folder:

  bundle install

To start Jekyll run:

    jekyll serve -w

Site will be available at or http://localhost:4000/zeppelin/ (on Windows)

NOTE: in this mode all changes to html and data files will be automatically regenerated, but after changing _config.yml you have to restart server.

Sass(Compass) support

Note: You need to install Node.js

To watch changes of .sass files and compile it to the .css on a fly change property safe: true to safe: false in _config.yml. Note: It works only on local machine, because GitHub runs Jekyll in --save mode

Learn more about Sass development from documentation.

Resource optimizations (optional)

You can optimize images and minify css and javascript automatically (for now only on Windows). But for Mac OS users available amazing tool - imageoptim. Thanks @raphaelsavina for link. Optimize all images by running this script from /automation/images/ folder:

    all_image_optimization.bat -d -jtran -pout -pquant -optip -gsicle -svgo

To minify CSS and JS run minify_js.bat (for Windows) and (for Linux and MacOS) from /automation/minifying/ folder:


Learn more about available optimization options from documentation.


Quick-start guide is not enough? Checkout full documentation.

Used libraries

Who is using template?

Going to use template? Go on! The only thing we ask - let us know at so we can include you to this list, or make a pull request.

GDG DevFest Ukraine 2014 GDG DevFest Istanbul 2014 GDG Bangalore Site
GDG DevFest Omsk 2014 2014 南阳 GDG Devfest 大会 DevFest Nordeste 2014
GDG DevFest The Netherlands DevFest Centro-Oeste 2014 Android DevFest Space Coast
DevFest SP 2014 DevFest in Baroda GDG Hi Pic (France)
GDG DevFest Córdoba 2014 GDG DevFest Düsseldorf 2014 GDG Makerere DevFest 2014
GDG Dublin DevFest 2014 GDG Busitema DevFest 2014 DevFest Vienna 2014
Android Wear DevFest GDG SLAU DevFest 2014 Lima DevFest
GDG Korea DevFair 2014 GDG DevFest Kota Kinabalu 2014 GDG DevFest Belgium
DevFest Praha 2014 GDG DevFest Kosice GDG DevFest Cagayan de Oro
DevFest Birgunj GDG DevFest Poland GDG DevFest Silicon Valley
DevFest Chennai 2014 GDG DevFest Bari GDG DevFest Ahmedabad
GDG DevFest Sri Lanka GDG DevFest Tunis GDG DevFest Kozhikode
GDG DevFest Argentina GDG DevFest Bhubaneswar GDG DevFest Miage Gi
GDG DevFest NORTE GDG Devfest Nyeri 2014 GDG DevFest Paris
GDG Akure MENAT GDG Summit 2014 Women Techmakers Istanbul 2015
GDG DevFest Mallorca Michigan GDG DevFest 2015 International Women's Day
Women Techmakers Tbilisi 2015 Android Xtended GDG Bingham University
JSday Maceio 2015 DevFest Nordeste 2015 GDG DevFest Vijayawada 2015
Geek Night Recife IO Extended 2016 Madrid AngularCamp
Mobile Era 2016 GDG Francisco Beltrão Women Techmakers Istanbul 2016
Droidcon Paris 2015 Android Makers Paris 2017 Heidelberger Symposium 2017
DevFest Foumban website NorthSec 2018 SwiftFest 2018


See list of contributors

Maintainers: @tasomaniac and @ozasadnyy.


Project is published under the MIT license. Feel free to clone and modify repo as you want, but don't forget to add reference to authors :)