Images in project

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Tree structure:

- img\
   - about-section\
   - favicons\
   - hackathon\
   - organizers\
   - other\
   - partners\
   - people\
   - posts\
   - sections-background\
   - seo\
   - sprites\
   - venue\

Required files

If you want that project will work properly, please don't rename files in favicons, other and sprites folder. You can change them but don't rename them!

Optional files

Another images you can change, rename or delete, but don't forget to change filename in _congig file. For example we have next properties for hero block:

heroImage: "hero.jpg"
heroTitle: "GDG DevFest<typeout>2014"
eventDate: "September - November, 2014"
typeoutTextValues: '"", "Season", "Ukraine", "Germany", "USA"'
typeoutFallback: "Season"
 - {link: "", text: "Become a speaker"}
 - {permalink: "/#tickets", text: "Buy tickets"}

Now I have downloaded new image example.jpg for hero background. Place it in sections-background\ folder and simply change first line of setting:

heroImage: "example.jpg"
heroTitle: "GDG DevFest<typeout>2014"

If you don't use, for example, hackathon block you can simply delete corresponding folder in images.


For better results use square images with resolution bigger or equal than 400x400 px for images in people folder.

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