Initial setup in _config.yml

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_config.yml - is the place where you can configure most aspects of DevFest website like event name, dates, Google Analytics properties, social links etc. Most part of properties are self explanatory, description for rest of them you can find here.

_config.yml sections

Build settings

Jekyll has a lot of properties on his own, learn more about them here.

Site settings

baseurl: "/devfest-2014" - when you host your website on GitHub Pages baseurl should be the same as your project name, in other cases it should be empty. Learn more deploying with custom domain.

Location block

eventPlaceCoordinates: "49.843237,24.028751" - coordinates where map marker will appear

mapCenterCoordinates: "49.842537,24.025701" - coordinates of the map center inside content block

mapMobileCenterCoordinates: "49.841620, 24.029411" - coordinates of the map center inside content block on small screens

Tweets feed

twitterFeed: "" - Tweetledee stream url. Starting from v1.1 Twitter API requires OAuth, so it's not possible to get JSON with recent tweets without application authentication on serverside. To solve this problem we set up Tweetledee on our PHP powered server side by side with GDG Lviv wordpress site. If you want to use twitter-feed.html content block you have to set up your own Tweetledee instance.


subscribeAction: "" - MailChimp subscribe to mail list url.

Speakers List Block

showSessions: true - show or hide session names on speakers list page. Hiding could be useful when have only initial list of speakers without session descriptions.


discusShortName: "devfestua" - Disqus integration id.

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