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How Vimium C Respects Your Privacy

Vimium C supports both export and cloud-based synchronization of your settings (including key mappings and search engines). None of your browsing behavior is included.

By default, Vimium C only downloads synced settings during the first installation, and if no synced settings are found, it will never sync with your browser account. However, if you do wish to enable this behavior, you may enable the advanced Synchronize settings with your current account for this browser setting.

All information handled by Vimium C, including history, bookmarks, page titles and URLs, will only be used locally.

Your search history in Vomnibar and Link Hints modes will be purged immediately after use. Your keyword searches -- entered when using FindMode -- are stored but never included in synced settings. Please note that your FindMode search keywords on Incognito windows are stored temporarily, and will remain in memory, until all of your Incognito windows have been destroyed.

Permissions Required

Vimium C requires these permissions:

  • bookmarks & history: to match queries and generate suggestions for Vomnibar.
  • tabs: to operate your tabs, including opening, removing, moving and updating.
  • webNavigation: to match an incoming URL, confirming whether Vimium C should be enabled or disabled on the page.
  • clipboard read+write & browsing activity: to add shortcuts for copying and pasting the page title/URL, link text/href, and the like.
  • contentSettings: to toggle your browser's content settings. For example, turn on/off images, or JavaScript, on selected websites.
  • notifications: to show a notification whenever Vimium C is upgraded.
  • sessions: to allow you to restore closed tabs. This functionality requires Chrome 37+ or Firefox.
  • storage: its syncing functionality is not in use by default. However, if you enable "Sync settings with your current account for this browser", Vimium C will require storage.sync, to sync your settings items with the browser account servers.


  • The "browsing activity" listed above actually includes a number of separate permissions: tabs, <all_urls> and webNavigation.
  • Vimium C never deletes any browser history item, except on explicit user requests (such as Shift+Delete).

Other Information

Vimium C formerly overrode the "newtab" browser URL, to provide a better user experience on the chrome://newtab page. That behavior was reversed in version 1.77.0, released in Sep 2019: Vimium C no longer overrides this setting. If you'd like to restore the previous behavior, we recommend NewTab Adapter.

Vimium C registers a search key (v) for browser's omnibox (the address bar). This makes the box work just like Vomnibar in omni mode.

You may remove certain permissions without breaking Vimium C (note that some commands might fail as a result):

  • webNavigation, contentSettings, notifications, and storage may be removed.
  • Certain manifest fields, including commands, chrome_url_overrides, and omnibox, can be removed safely.
  • In versions previous to Chrome 37, no sessions functionality exists, so a few of Vimium C's commands won't work. Most others will remain unchanged.
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