An AngularJS exam with questions from beginner to expert by @gdi2290 from @AngularClass
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Angular 2 Fundamentals


An AngularJS 1.x exam from beginner to expert created by @gdi2290

  • What's MVC architecture?
  • What's MVVM architecture?
  • What's two way binding?
  • What's ng-model?
  • What is $http?
  • What is ng-repeat?
  • What are $index, $even, $odd, $first, and $last?
  • How would you filter a list via ng-repeat?
  • What's the difference between angular.module('app' , []) and angular.module('app')
  • What are directives (briefly)?
  • Why would you use ng-submit instead of ng-click in some cases?
  • What's Dependency Injection?
  • Do other frameworks use dependency injection (even if only for internal use)? Answer: yes (React,Ember)
  • How would you inject services and what are the different ways to do so?
  • What's jqLite?
  • How do you ensure Angular uses jQuery when including them both?
  • What are promises and how would you use them?
  • What's the difference between factory/provider/service/value/constant?
  • When would you use each one?
  • What are filters?
  • Why would you use ng-src, ng-bind, and ng-cloak?
  • What's the difference between ng-if and ng-show?
  • What phases are there in angular? Answer: config -> bootstrap -> run
  • Why would you use .config() and .run() phase?
  • What is ng-app and how does angular bootstrap?
  • When would you use $q.all()?
  • Where would you make your network calls controller, template, directive, or service and why? (where would you use $http)
  • Say that you are going to alert an error where would you put that alert from a network call? Service, controller, template and why? Answer
  • How would you dynamically filter a list with an ng-repeat? (clicking on different filters)
  • What's ng-messages and ng-message?
  • What's ng-style and ng-class?
  • How would you attach something to the header of every http call?
  • What is $scope.$on() and how would you use it?
  • What are $http interceptors?
  • What is "$locationChangeStart"?
  • What's html5Mode?
  • How do you turn off cache for a $http call?
  • What is the $templateCache?
  • How would you implement auth as in locking down certain parts of the app?
  • What's ui-router and why use it over ng-route?
  • What are states?
  • How do you resolve resources via state/route and how would you do so?
  • Given 3 nested states, how would you load the most nested one after the root state resolves while allowing the middle state to load asynchronously?
  • What types of directives are there? Angular: element, attribute, class (no one uses class)
  • What is $scope?
  • What is $rootScope?
  • What is "$destroy"?
  • What's one time binding?
  • When and where would you normally use .$watch()?
  • What's a stateful filter vs a stateless filter?
  • What are .$dirty, .$pristine, .$valid, .$invalid, and .$submitted?
  • What's NgModelController?
  • What's FormController?
  • What's ng-model-options and why would you use it?
  • What are $validators and $asyncValidators?
  • What's the difference between scope, $scope, and $rootScope?
  • What's the difference between controller and link directives?
  • How do you require a controller in a directive?
  • How do you require more than one controller in a directive?
  • What's an isolated scope?
  • For an isolate scope what are these symbols ?,@,=,&,* in relation to directives
  • What are compile/pre-link/post-link phase for directives?
  • What is $interpolate?
  • What is $compile?
  • What is $observe?
  • What's transclusion?
  • Why would you need transclusion?
  • What's bindToController: and controllerAs: syntax?
  • What are directives and what are components?
  • What's the difference between .$broadcast(), and .$emit()?
  • What are $timeout() and $interval() and how do you cancel them?
  • What's dirty checking?
  • Do other frameworks use dirty checking? Answer: yes (React,Polymer)
  • What is the .$digest() loop?
  • What's the difference between .$digest() and .$apply()?
  • What are $watchGroup and $watchCollection?
  • What are $eval, $parse and $evalAsync?
  • What is $applyAsync?
  • What's a decorator in relation to angular's module system?
  • How would you filter a large list with ng-repeat to include data from the server and client?
  • How would you grab the $injector/$scope from the chrome console?
  • Why is there ng-form?
  • How would you dynamically create forms?
  • What's CSP and how does it relate to angular?
  • How do you structure your files for a large team/project?
  • How would you use a module loader/bundler such as browserify, webpack, or systemjs with angular?
  • How would you asynchronously load angular?
  • How would you inject server rendered data into client angular?
  • What's a document fragment?
  • What's the ShadowDOM?
  • What is needed for your angular web app to work with JavaScript disabled?
  • What is needed for your angular web app to be rendered on the server to be sent down to the client?
  • Generally speaking how would you paraphrase angular?
  • How would you progressively enhance your RESTful app with a pub/sub?
  • How would you structure your app if you only had a realtime (pub/sub) API (no REST)?
  • What are the different ways to architect your angular app?
  • What are the pros and cons of each design?
  • What are some anti patterns developers tend to fall into while using angular?
  • What are the problems currently facing angular1?
  • Explain how Angular 2 is solving all of the problems from 1.x
  • Demonstrate a few ways to migrate an Angular 1 app to Angular 2
  • What's the difference between MVC, MVVM, MVP(SC), MVP(PV), PM, and how does it compare to Flux/Redux architecture?
  • How are dependencies handled when testing Angualar controllers and services?
  • How is $scope injected when testing Angular controllers?
  • What is the purpose of wrapping core Angular providers and services in double underscores? ex: _$rootScope_?
  • Describe the necessary steps to test the Angular $http service
  • How would you test an $http request to a third party API such as Youtube?
  • How would you test the data being returned from the API request?
  • What frameworks, languages and tools are available for testing in Angular?
  • How is $scope used when testing Angular controlers?
  • Explain what $httpBackend and $httpBackend.flush are used for
  • Explain what angular.mock is used for

enjoy — AngularClass

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