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Girl Develop It Chicago

Empowering women of diverse backgrounds from around the world to learn how to develop software.

Popular repositories

  1. Official Girl Develop It Intermediate HTML/CSS curriculum, modified by GDI Chicago.

    JavaScript 2 1

  2. js202 Public

    Originally created by Pamela Fox with modifications by GDI Chicago.

    JavaScript 2 4

  3. Yeoman Reveal generator template for Girl Develop It workshops.

    CSS 2 1

  4. js203 Public

    Client-side APIs with JavaScript; materials originally created by Pamela Fox for GDI SF.

    CSS 2 3

  5. Contains all the things

    JavaScript 2 3

  6. Official Girl Develop It Intro to Git/Github curriculum, modified by GDI Chicago.

    CSS 2 4



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