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We're so glad you want to contribute! Here are a couple of tips for contributing successfully:

  1. Please make sure your revision history is as easy to read as possible
  2. Separate content changes from whitespace changes (if your Text Editor does this automatically, please do not include those changes)
  3. Serve your file locally and check your work before submitting
  4. Submit your work with a summary of your changes and a screenshot if relevant

Code of Conduct

Repository Structure

Our materials are deployed as static pages using Netlify. Links will be directly correlated with file paths, and will also automatically resolve index.html pages.

All of our core curricula are linked from the root page.

Pull Requests

Want to help us maintain our curricula? Here's how!

  1. Fork our repo
  2. Make changes directly to your fork
  3. If there is an existing issue number, tag commits with it
  4. Open a Pull Request to our master branch


If you've identified an issue, please log it under our Issues section. Make sure you include the workshop name in the title. Example issue: "[JS 101] Broken link in exercise 2".

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