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Intro to AngularJS

Slides and materials are hosted here.

Course description

In this workshop, you'll learn AngularJS, an MVC framework that was created by Googlers and is now one of the most popular frameworks. AngularJS helps you create large data-driven webapps with dynamic interfaces.

The workshop will be a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises in pairs. This workshop will be taught by [teacher, tiny bio].


Attendees should be comfortable with HTML/CSS fundamentals (HTML tags and attributes, CSS selectors) and JavaScript fundamentals (syntax, data structures, conditionals, loops). Attendees should also have learned the DOM API (access and modication methods). That means that you either attended our HTML 101 workshop, JS 101 workshop, and JS for the Web workshop, or that you learned those concepts online.

You can review them online at a few places:

Tech requirements:

  • Your laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux are all okay) and charger.
  • A modern web browser - either Chrome or Firefox.
  • A text editor. We recommend Sublime Text 2 (free; available for Mac or PC) or Notepad++ (PC).

Topics covered:

  • Angular directives, controllers, services
  • Debugging Angular apps
  • Animation in Angular